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Instagram Audit


Get personalised feedback and in-depth audit and analysis of your Instagram account to give you the creative direction and guidance you need to see real traction on social media. This Audit is right for you if you want to utilise Instagram as your main marketing platform, get more meaningful engagement, more leads, and make more sales. Let's builds a social media presence that is a driving force for your marketing.

brand audit

Website Audit


Get personalised feedback and an in-depth audit and analysis of your website. You’ll receive a actionable step-by-step strategy and game plan for you to follow to transform your website, stand out and convert your leads into sales. You’ve got a niggling feeling or evidence that things are not working in your website, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Our audit will gives you fresh clarity and confidence about what to do and how to go about it in a sustainable and structured way.

brand audit

Complete Brand Audit


Get unstuck, find clarity and build momentum. This is for businesses who are ready to be taken seriously and want an irresistible brand that converts. If you’re tired of figuring things out on your own and hearing crickets in your inbox, this is for you. You'll get Sandra's eyes on your brand and a strategy and custom plan created for you on all areas of your brand, including Instagram, website, branding, visuals and more. Ready to get things done, find some clarity and reach your goals?


LEARN with sandra

Uplevel Your Brand in 3 Days


A 3 day course where you'll learn the strategy behind getting absolute clarity on your brand and aesthetic, curate, style an inspiration wall and create brand content by photographing your inspiration wall with your phone camera. You'll end up with dozens of photos and videos to use across your socials in less than 3 days!


Instagram Booster Kit


Want some quick ideas to boost your content for socials? Then this is for you. 20+ visual content ideas and ways you can start using your new visual bank to grow your Instagram followers and increase engagement today!


Stand Out Websites


This course covers the not often talked about strategy behind successful branding so you can set yourself apart from your competitors. If you struggle with inconsistency, constantly feeling like your website is a hodge-podge of imagery plus copy telling an unconnected story and seeing no money in the bank, then this one is for you.