1:1 Mentoring with Sandra

Sandra offers one-on-one mentoring for creative business owners in any stage of their career. She believes in the gift of teaching to encourage and nurture the talents of those around her. These personalised experiences with Sandra are designed to encourage a new way of viewing your craft and a shift in mindset to understand the strategy behind creating and building an impactful brand. 

Whether you’re about to launch something new, are reinvigorating an existing business, moving your business in another direction or simply want to create a brand that does justice to what you know you’re capable of, we have an incredible opportunity here to create something really special together. As an experienced and visionary Creative Director and Visual Strategist, Sandra will work with you to find the clarity in your message, define your space in the market and build value in your offering. She’ll help you tell your story and give you the focus you need to create a brand that cuts through the noise and gets you to where you want to be, faster. This is an immersive and comprehensive offering and is very limited in numbers each year. 


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Coaching with Sandra is hands down the best investment I have made for my business.  When I first started my business, I had no idea where to start or what to do, but having Sandra by my side every step of the way has made me the business person I am today. Her patience, kindness, knowledge of the industry and guidance was irreplaceable. In a short 3 months, I went from 80 followers to 500 genuine followers, booked 3 wedding clients all of which were my ideal clients AND I now have countless of beautiful imagery to use across various social media platforms.


I had tried business coaching before and it didn't really work out for me so I felt a bit unsure initially about coaching with Sandra, but I'm so glad I did! I loved how Sandra really broke things down and went through the whole process step-by-step which was exactly what I needed. In 4 months of working with Sandra, I saw a huge increase in enquiries and I finally booked my first ever bride after a year of starting my business. She found me within a month of launching my website on Instagram with Sandra's help and she booked me a month later and at my ideal pricing!