Create a brand that sells with consistent, elevated visuals

…the kind that give you the confidence to command your dream price, pursue new opportunities, and share your Instagram handle (because you’re finally proud of the way your brand looks!).

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    See what our BSM alum have to say:

    “After completing BSM, I created and released three branded images on my Instagram feed, I booked a client at my highest package! That means just three images paid for my BSM investment—twice! It was the best return on investment! I have clients now!

    renee , ARC DESIGN HAUS

    “BSM gave me confidence in the strategic process I implement for my clients and helped me clarify and refine the visuals for my own brand. I loved learning from the best! The course was thorough, detailed, and inspiring. Sandra's personalised feedback was the cherry on top of an already great experience!"


    “BSM is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made since starting my business. In just 3 months, I’ve booked 3 wedding clients with my IDEAL clients. whenever I’m thinking about creating images, I refer back to the visual strategy principles I learnt from Sandra and always pull out her templates - INVALUABLE!"


    The images from my launch that I created after BSM generated over $1000 in sales in the first week and continue to sell! BSM is one of the best decisions I could have made for the business! It not only really helped to elevate the brand but the community that Sandra built has been invaluable."

    cindy, jureve

    "This course was truly an eye opener for me and my business! I built a brand that I’m proud of, that speaks the message I want to convey and has imagery to match. Since the course I have a beautiful website with stunning brand imagery, a lot of happy clients and an article in the paper. I could not have done it without Sandra's course!

    ALINA, calligrapher

    "BSM has been my absolute game changer for my brand, and worth every cent! I was overthinking and complicating my visuals, when Sandra showed me it was right in front of me and so simple. I love the images I created and I’m now so excited about my business again! I've seen an increase in sales and grown in confidence. BSM has blown away my self doubt and fear of success and I can now see that doing what I love as an income is actually possible!"


    "Before BSM, I had no clue how I could launch my online shop. But after, I've been able to hone in on my brand aesthetic, voice and values and it has made all the difference. Sandra has shown me the power of visuals in communicating with other brands because as soon as I implemented her methods of being more intentional with my imagery, I finally stopped getting ghosted by brands and actually started getting noticed!"

    lynette, kokoro studio ceramics

    If you’re a shop owner who wants to sell out your collections or get more retailers to carry your line, you need the Branding Shoot Method®.

    If you’re a service provider who wants visuals that allow your ideal clients to instantly see your value, you need the Branding Shoot Method®.

    If you’re a photographer who wants to strategically elevate your portfolio so you can book more dream clients, you need the Branding Shoot Method®.

    So, yes, if you are a creative business owner in any way, shape or form, and you want to finally feel proud of the way your brand looks so you can open the doors to wildly more opportunities, you need the Branding Shoot Method®.

    It worked for them, will it work for me?

    "I booked an onsite brand activation job for YSL! I also got a job with Aesop! They found me on IG and really liked my style! These opportunities were only possible because BSM taught me how to shoot images for my brand and create a cohesive aesthetic for my website and social media."

    "If you are an entrepreneur looking to excel in your brand imagery, this is THE course for you. BSM is one of the best investments I made for my business. It gave me clarity, direction and confidence. I have observed and felt growth. The photoshoots I have done have brought me several new high-paying clients, unique collaborations, and two major magazine publications."

    Pooja, Wood and Ceramic Artist

    Michelle, Calligrapher

    “BSM is hands down the best online course I’ve ever purchased. While other courses left me thinking, “Did I just get duped?”, Sandra’s course left me thinking, “Did I just win the lottery?! The knowledge I’ve gained from BSM has changed the way I approach my work.”

    Renee, Graphic Designer

    "BSM was such a rewarding and uplifting experience. It has really helped me take my photography business forward. I have honed in on the aesthetic of my photography, which has led to attracting fabulous clients who love my style and who I love working with! I feel so grateful to Sandra for sharing her knowledge with such passion and caring – she really goes above and beyond!"

    Sarah, Photographer

    "BSM is phenomenal. I was able to use the material to elevate my portfolio in order to attract my ideal clients and since upgrading my portfolio I have landed my highest paying client ever! I have now incorporated creative direction into my services which allows me to charge more. I now have the confidence and courage to apply my skill set to brands that are looking for more than just a logo, but a story and true visual identity!”

    Suzzanne, Graphic Designer

    It sure did for these BSM alum. . .

    If you've tried your best to create brand visuals but still have that "I've got NO idea what I'm doing" sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and just wish an expert could tell you EXACTLY what to do…


    If you feel fairly good about your brand but keep missing out on dream clients and customers and know you could flip this script if you just had the tools to make your brand that little bit more elevated.

    You need an uncomplicated, step-by-step system.

    One that draws on the exact method I've developed over 10+ years' experience directing and styling campaigns for tons of luxury brands all over the world – brands like Plann, Naked Lab, SOL Loungewear, Tea Nomad, and Mishku Studio.

    Here's the thing. . .

    “Sandra's impeccable styling and work ethic make her a leader in the industry. Her biggest gift is her ability to dive into her clients’ vision and dreams and bring them each to life. Truly, a talent. I adore everything she does!”

    Darcy Benincosa, Photographer 

    “I’ve known and worked very closely with Sandra over the years and I love her artistic and creative direction, concepts and product styling which produces amazing results every time! With her creative perspective of the world and her passion for everything she touches, Sandra pushes the boundaries of what is possible in our industry!”

    David, Photographer 

    “Sandra has a beautiful eye for design and styling. Her thoughtful design process is evident in her styling, resulting in unique designs and effortless execution.”

    Ginny Au, Stylist 

    “Sandra has an eye like no other. Working closely with her through the years, I have seen her refine her offering to become what it is today - creative direction that is thoughtfully aligned with each brand, consideration of the individual behind the business, and an easy going nature that will make you feel at ease from the get go. Trust me, you are in good hands!”

    Trish, Photographer


    MORE on sandra's magic....

    “I have doubled my bookings and even doubled my prices since my branding shoot with Sandra and my calendar is booked out for the rest of 2019!! I feel confident that I can command those high prices because I am worth every penny I charge.”

    When I first started my business, I didn’t have a huge portfolio and I knew people wouldn’t take me seriously unless I had good images that really told the story of my brand. Sandra was able to use her personal brand of magic by taking my raw ideas and creating imagery that showed my audience that I was legit and that my business was legit. I’ve already made back my 4 figure investment in my images (and then some!).

    Michelle Browne, Mishku Studio

    It's time for them to recognise your value.

    How? With consistent, elevated visuals, of course.

    And with an internationally-renowned stylist and creative director by your side? You'll be unstoppable.


    It's time to get your dream clients and customers to notice you